I Workout!

I Workout!

Insanity Workout - For a Better Tomorrow

This workout is as insane as it states and certainly one of the hardest out there. It can be compared to CrossFit except done at home and all exercises are done with with your own bodyweight. For the insane people who are currently involved with this routine it can do wonders within only sixty days. This Insanity Workout makes you lose weight and build muscle for a better toned body.

It is hard to compare this home workout to any other as it shows no mercy. I have done Insanity, P90x, and crossfit. All of them are brutal in their own ways and work well. In my opinion, crossfit is the hardest but it is also a lot more expensive and can’t be done properly at home. For that reason, I recommend Insanity to the average person looking to get great results from home. However, I do think buying some functional exercise equipment for crossfit athletes and supplementing your insanity routine with some of the typical crossfit exercises is the best overall. That way you get some weight lifting and more variation of body weight movements with some equipment to use.

In the end, if you can keep up, the results will show and you’ll know that it was worth it. Every workout allows you to take a little time out, but not Insanity; it gives you just the right amount of time to catch your breath so that your workout is running at a constant level.

You have heard these words before, practice makes perfect, and this is no exception. There are numerous people involved with this routine and all of them can testify to positive results. Nobody’s saying it was easy. It is tough and at times you will get the urge to just quit, but be the person you know you can be by pulling through. You won’t be disappointed as the results speak for itself. There are people who have started this workout and after two months they were left with eight percent body fat, and that qualifies for insane results.

Will you experience pain after exercising? Probably, especially at first. That is the only way to know for sure it is done all out and that it is working. The pain won’t last forever and only appears at the beginning of your Insanity Workout. The Insane Workout will make you work harder than ever before, it is guaranteed. Remember by working out this insanely gives your body time to adapt to a situation it is not used to, which will then burn more fat than usual.

What makes this program so wonderfully unique is the fact that you can do it from home and still get a killer workout in. No people staring at you while you are stuck at overcrowded gyms or trying to keep up with the elite athletes at the crossfit box. Just insert your DVD and off you go; working your body to perfection for a better you. When you feel good everything else will follow. Your self-confidence will improve and your physical appearance will lead to a healthier lifestyle in a sixty day cycle. This is a promise; so much to gain with no side effects, only a strong and healthy body with a bright future.